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We offer different types of training to best serve your ne‚Äčeds and expectations. Every incoming athlete before enrolling in a program will do an evaluation comprised of a 10 yard dash, 20 yard dash, pro shuttle, vertical, & broad jump. Evaluations will occur pre/post/and periodically throughout certain programs such as the speed classes.

Each session is composed of the following:

Warm-up: Soft tissue mobility, flexibility, muscle activation, dynamic flexibility, balance, stabilization, nervous system activation, & corrective exercises.

Core: Exercises designed to strengthen & support the spine and aid in movement

Movement Skill Development: Acceleration/Deceleration techniques, linear and lateral movement techniques

Explosive Power: Jump training, Olympic lifting techniques, medicine ball work

Strength Training: Functional strength training, upper & lower body

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Mobility, linear speed, top end speed, running mechanics, and technique


Free weights, resistance bands, body weight, and Olympic lifts


Balance, coordination, speed, reflexes, strength, and endurance